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Bye-Bye, Mr. Middleman

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We are a spirited FinTech startup on a mission to disrupt the traditional commercial channels through the utilization of blockchain technology. Specifically, Cryptaur aims to create a decentralized ecosystem with a focus on establishing a fully transparent platform for consumers. This transparency is implemented via a blockchain technology, that of which allows for users to maintain their original payment habits, avoid the need to learn about cryptocurrency complexities, and dramatically shallows the steep learning curve associated with this technology.

In essence, Cryptaur is a decentralized applications store with a mission to transform and ultimately allow for the implementation of a reinvented shared economic system. Rooted in its mission to bring person to person interaction to the forefront of consumerism, Cryptaur’s platform is grounded in blockchain, a technology that can be employed to hone in on the benefits of decentralization while bringing it to mainstream audiences. Cryptaur’s ecosystem curates products and services for enhanced consumer and community driven trust.

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We believe that technology is more than a means to an end, and should be accessible to all regardless of their technical knowledge. We believe that consumers are entitled to transparent information to make better decisions, and as a result, our socially driven ecosystem ensures that  consumer’s interests are at the core of commercial transactions.

The Cryptaur vision is to make decentralized technologies available to consumers. Cryptaur is building an ecosystem for dApps (“decentralized applications”) that benefits the consumers the most. This ecosystem is owned by the community of consumers themselves.


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October 2016
December 2016
January 2017
February 2017
March 2017
April/May 2017
June 2017
July/August 2017

October 2016

EUREKA MOMENT – Paris, France

The Cryptaur adventure started with a simple realization: “There must be a better way”. The Cryptaur founders got together to start drafting a commercial model that would benefit consumers and providers.

December 2016

SCRATCHING OUR HEADS – All Over the Planet

A period of research on the pain points of current technologies, this period had the team around the world connecting the dots to start building our ecosystem.

January 2017

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH – Deauville, France

Over a 3-week in-person marathon of brainstorming sessions, the Cryptaur founders designed the missing pieces: how can consumers be easily onboarded to decentralized technology, and benefit from a fully transparent platform.

February 2017


Intense researches and conceptualization resulted in the first draft of our whitepaper.

March 2017

RECRUITING A TEAM – California, United States

Establishing our development headquarters in silicon valley, we added key members to our team.

April/May 2017


With the concept well rounded, we engaged with experts to validate the project, while establishing our legal entities and banking relationships.

June 2017


With the buzz around Cryptaur already making waves, we are putting the finishing touches to our whitepaper, MVP, and promotional material to launch our token sale in October 2017.

July/August 2017

SPREADING THE WORD – All Over the Planet

Time to share our vision with the world and start building our community!


The Singapore-based Cryptaur Foundation will oversee the Cryptaur fundraiser. It will recommend a token allocation based on contributions in Bitcoins and Ethers. 


Following the example set by the Ethereum Foundation, there is no cap on the amount of contributions that will be accepted by the Cryptaur Foundation. This is done in order to ensure that participation is not limited only to insiders or the “fast-fingered”. Though the amount of CPT Tokens allocated is denominated in ethers, contributions may be made in bitcoin, that will be implicitly converted at the prevailing rate on a best effort basis. 

The fundraiser will last for a period of two months, starting on October 1st at 00:01 UTC and ending on November 30th at 23:59 UTC. Throughout this period, a contribution of $1.00 USD will lead to an allocation of CPT Tokens plus a time dependent discount. This discount is meant to incentivize contributors not to delay their participation. The discount starts at 40%, meaning that a contribution of $1.00 USD will yield an allocation of 166.7 CPT and decreases progressively to 0%.




1 USD = 166.7 CPT



1 USD = 149.25 CPT



1 USD = 125 CPT


Decreasing 5% each week until last week at 0%


  • 30% – Fundraiser / Token Sale

    Representing the contributions made during the fundraiser and be allocated at a rate of 100 CPT per $1.00 USD plus a bonus depending on the time at which the contribution is made.

  • 20% – Cryptaur Team

    Representing 20% of the total number of tokens issued. These tokens will vest over a period of 3 years.

  • 20% – Cryptaur Operations and Development

    An allocation of 20% of the total Cryptaur tokens (CPT)  to The Cryptaur Foundation Budget for stakeholder voted projects. The projects must be within the charter of the foundation to facilitate the growth and development of the Cryptaur Protocol.

  • 30% – Incentives

    30% will be issued to encourage the growth of the Cryptaur ecosystem.


Remy Jacobson
Remy Jacobson
Remy Jacobson is a well established business man, real estate mogul, and one of the very early bitcoiners. Remy lives by “play hard, works harder”.
Dmitry Buriak
Dmitry Buriak
A heavy-weight businessman with vast entrepreneurial experience in a number of industries—from ferrous metallurgy to wellness. Dedicated follower and advocate of healthy lifestyle. He can think big, express his thoughts in right words and turn words into successful projects. A virtuoso motivator and business visionary.
Greg Bachrach
Greg Bachrach
Computer engineer and one of the early Bitcoin professional miners, we suspect his well-documented energy drink consumption is due to the constant fueling needs of an ASIC chip brain implant.
Jean Marc Jacobson
Jean Marc Jacobson
Our Canadian team leader is an experienced financial services entrepreneur and real estate investor. He orchestrates the internal and external relationships of the company.
Satish Ambati
Satish Ambati
Entrepreneurial engineer and a long time crypto enthusiast who has been acquired by Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks. Founded two on-demand startups, GroceryMan, a grocery delivery service and OnMyWay, an on-demand ride sharing service.
Adam Everton
Adam Everton
Multimedia genius and design virtuoso, Adam is the swiss army knife of branding. 15 years experience in Visual Design, Web Development, Art Direction, Animation, Motion Graphics, Advertisement, Project Management and much more.
Alvin Yang
Alvin Yang
Alvin’s capabilities comprise of managing and forging strategic
alliances between conglomerates, state owned enterprises, and private equity funds at a multinational level.


Andrey Zamovskiy

The founder of Ambisafe has been involved in cryptocurrency development since early 2010. Andrey has founded or took leading technical roles in multiple first of their kind projects, such as BitMerch (first bitcoin merchant service), HolyTransaction, Tether and several cryptocurrency exchanges.

Brian Snyder

Background in enterprise computing solutions and consulting. Currently focused on blockchain technology projects since 2012. Focused on the emerging block chain technologies and providing solutions.

Oleksii Matiiasevych

Smart contracts engineer. Oleksii has 10 years in mission-critical software engineering and has been writing Ethereum smart contracts full-time over the last year. During his engagement with Ambisafe, he has developed five DAO­like tokens with the most advanced features you can find on these kinds of contracts.