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The Cryptaur tokens are simply referred to as Cryptaurs, or CPT.

The Cryptaur token (CPT) represents a participation in the Cryptaur platform.

CPT is used to pay the transaction processing fees on the platform. New CPT will be issued as a mechanism for rewarding positive community behaviors.

You can participate on the token sale by registering on the Cryptaur website to create a wallet and transfer ETH or BTC to the token sale wallet.

The Cryptaur tokens (CPT) will be offered at $0.01 during the token sale period. Early participants may be eligible for additional discounts.

The time based discount is a percentage discount applied to the price of CPT, based on the time the participation in the token sale is received. A maximum discount is achieved for participating during the first day of the sale.

You can join a group by following the referral link provided by another group participant, or by entering the referral code provided by a group participant when registering on Cryptaur. The pre-sale period is meant for friends and family only and you need to be invited by someone who is already part of a group.

Yes, your personal dashboard displays the participants who joined your group, who they invited and their community contributions, for up to four levels from you.

No, you can only join one group during the pre-sale and token sale period.

ou can earn Cryptaur bounties in CPTs by helping spread the word about Cryptaur on social media and other blogging platforms. Stay tuned for more details!

The funds will be used to develop, market and promote the platform. Please see the Whitepaper for further details.

A token sale is a pre-defined period during which a blockchain company sells a token to fund a project.

The Cryptaur public token sale will begin on October 2nd, 2017.

You can participate in the token sale by transferring Ether or Bitcoin to the token sale wallet. If you don’t already have Ethers or bitcoin, you can create an account and buy them on an existing exchange or contact a licensed OTC (over the counter) broker and contribute them to the token sale.

The Cryptaur token sales offers a time based discount. You can also earn a bounty by sharing the Cryptaur story with your friends!

The group bounty is only offered during the pre-sale period. It’s a rewards paid in Ethers to contributors for inviting their friends and family to join the Cryptaur community and helping it grow and succeed. Just like the Cryptaur platform leverage the social interactions of the community, the group bounty rewards a community member for all contributions made by community members, for up to 4 degrees of separation.

You can invite people to join your group by clicking the “Invite friends” button on your dashboard. You can invite participants via email by simply entering their email address in the field or by copying and pasting the referral link or the referral code and share it with your friends via email, SMS, various messengers or social media.

Yes, if you have been invited to join a group or have received a referral code, you can join a group from your dashboard by clicking “Join a group”.

No. Once you join a group by linking it to a referral code, it cannot be changed.

Minimum funding goal is $10M US dollars and the funds will be used to develop the platform and the first dApp to feature the platform. Please see the Whitepaper for further details.

Cryptaur tokens will be sold without any upper limit on the amount of contributions by the participants.


Cryptaur is registered at Lattice 80, 80 robinson road, #08-01, #09-01, 688698 Singapore.

Cryptaur allows for the masses to leverage the benefits of decentralization and blockchain to allow us to bring full transparency to everyday transactions.

Cryptaur has completed the development of its wallet and smart contracts to invite users and build networks of influence, evaluate their contributions to community and reward the community contributors. We have also developed part of our first dApp with a hosted centralized ridesharing service.

The Cryptaur team is made of individuals of various backgrounds including technology, cryptocurrencies, business, finance, and strategy. The team members and advisor profiles can be found under the team section of the website.

What are the development milestones of Cryptaur?

Cryptaur is a platform for dApps and may selectively provide funding other dApps that feature and leverage what the platform at large has to offer.


The Cryptaur platform is an ecosystem designed to ease the onboarding of consumers to the decentralized economy.

It includes:

– Crytaur wallet

– Payment platform to purchase goods and services offered by the dApps that integrate with the Cryptaur platform

– Network of users and their social connections

– Trust and reputation system

– A mechanism to evaluate, measure and reward the influence and contributions one makes to the ecosystem

Ethereum is equipped with the most extensive smart contract building/deployment platform and the most advanced set of developer tools. However, we can easily migrate to an EOS or any other incumbents that allow us to scale and develop, faster and cost effectively.

The Cryptaur platform aims to provide better, safer exchanges of products and services between consumers and merchants. One of our key differentiators is the transparency of the platform. Cryptaur allows users to know the history of products and services on its platform and dApps, including sales volume, returns, customer reviews, and the people in the user’s network who purchased these products and services. With full transparency, we provide our users with the power to make better purchasing decision, without the manipulation of advertisement and marketing campaigns.

Users can choose to make their purchases anonymous, but are encouraged to keep them public in order for their social networks to have access to better information, and make better purchasing decisions.

The Cryptaur reputation system measures the active and honest contribution of a user by rating his contributions, reviews. The overall reputation score is a combination of multiple behaviors, including level of activity of a user, influence on the activities of the user’s community, honesty of the user’s reviews, and staking of the Cryptaur tokens.

he Cryptaur tokens are issued by the smart contract each time a commercial transaction happens on the platform. The number of tokens issued depends on the is in based on the amount of influence one provided in enabling a commercial transaction.

No. Cryptaur tokens are issued through the Contribution Engine to the contributors of a commercial transaction and help build, grow and sustain the ecosystem.

Users of the Cryptaur platform will get all the benefits of the decentralized economy and enjoy a better, more transparent way of doing commerce.

In addition to the improved experience, the CPT tokens distributed to the buyers, promoters, influencers and sponsors are incentivizing users to transact on the platform. The more a user contributes to platform, the higher is the reputation, and the higher the rewards. Just like loyalty programs, the Contribution Engine encourages the retention of users on the multiple dApps on Cryptaur ecosystem.

Cryptaur will host products and services focussed on shared economy and a build payment gateway, developer tools and onboarding mechanisms to bring mainstream users to the crypto ecosystem. Ridesharing, food delivery, social marketplace, house sharing and roadside assistance are some of the services that we are evaluating.

Consumers are protected with Cryptaur Consumer Protection and Merchants are onboarded to ensure they are good citizens and are aligned with the platform’s mission.

Cryptaur is the first blockchain based platform completely focused on consumer experiences. The steep learning curve and change in behaviors required to use the blockchain has been an obstacle for the average user to get onboarded in the decentralized economy, resulting in low adoption of the technology. Cryptaur users don’t have to be acquainted with gory details of technology or with cryptocurrencies to access the decentralized economy. They can purchase goods and services using credit cards, debit cards, or wire transfers.

Cryptaur is a full ecosystem built for the consumers to easily access dApps and benefit from decentralization. Cryptaur itself is not just a dApp, but a full ecosystem with multiple services and many consumer facing dApps.

Product and service reviews on Cryptaur can only happen after a purchase, so every review has a verified purchase behind it and there are no fake reviews or provider/ad dollar influenced reviews.

The Contribution Engine (CE) is the algorithm by which Cryptaur tokens are issued and distributed. The CE rewards the contribution of the community to a commercial transaction by distributing CPT to the promoters, influencers, and sponsors who contributed to the purchasing decision of the buyer. The distribution of CPT is based on the type of contributors, the number of contributors, and their respective reputation score.

New tokens are issued for each commercial transaction happen of the Cryptaur platform dApps.

Cryptaur is focussed on the users, and growing our community is at the core of our strategy. Thanks to our Contribution Engine issuance model, we reward users for supporting the community expansion and the participation in transparent commercial exchanges on our dApps.

Users can invite their friends to join the platform and receive Cryptaur tokens each time these friends purchase products or services – for life! A portion of the Contribution Engine reward is indeed allocated to the person who referred a buyer or a merchant to the Cryptaur platform. This portion will be larger at the beginning of the platform and reduce over time as the Cryptaur community grows. Our users can therefore get the maximum benefits by inviting their friends as early as during the Token Sales, to earn CPT on the future transactions of the users they invited.

Cryptaur provides dApps developers a toolkit to develop applications for the Cryptaur ecosystem. On top of the tools at their disposition, developers benefit from the access to the Cryptaur community of users.

Customer acquisition remains one of the highest cost of any new business. By joining the Cryptaur ecosystem, new dApps get access to a community of existing users, and in exchange provide more applications for these users to transact in the decentralized economy.

Based on the funds raise during the Cryptaur Token Sales, Cryptaur will reserve a portion of these funds to incubate new dApps that will bring value to the ecosystem, providing developers the funds necessary to start the development of their product.

No. Because of the transparency of the platform and the consumer protection in place, the Cryptaur platform is not a suitable option for any illegal or illicit activities. dApps, products, and services on the platform must respect the laws and regulations of the geographies where the commercial transactions are conducted. All illegal activities, or tentative, will reported to relevant national authorities for action. Cryptaur’s merchant screening process strives to comply with the highest standards of integrity to prevent any form of criminal activities.

Cryptaur’s advantage is the network it aims to build and all of your contributions and participation. The network and its effect can’t really be copied, and most importantly anyone can launch a dApp on the platform, benefiting from funding and tools provided. The dApps share and aid one another’s growth creating a more supportive environment instead of competitive environment.


We believe that the Cryptaur ecosystem will open the door for many dApps to access the consumers without exposing them to all the complexities of blockchain. However, until these future projects are developed, we will offer our users a first taste of decentralization and empower them to experience the power of transparency.

There are several ways to earn CPT from the Contribution Engine:

– Invite friends to join the Cryptaur platform and earn CPT each time they use the service, either as a driver or as a passenger

– Order a ride and earn CPTs

– Share a review or recommendation and earn CPT for curating services for your friends

Yes, you can invite your friends to the use the dApps and earn CPT for every transaction they perform on any of the dApps of the Cryptaur platform.

Our first dApp is a decentralized ridesharing service.

The Cryptaur rideshare provides drivers and passengers to connect in a decentralized environment, where the drivers nearly keep the totality of the fare. The social matching brings greater trust in the service.

Yes, if you qualify to drive, you can offer your services on the Cryptaur ridesharing dApp and benefit from providing rides to a community of potential passengers.

Transparency, reputation, reward contribution to community, and social curation are all elements that make the Cryptaur rideshare different. Most importantly, drivers will earn nearly a 100% of the fare paid by the passengers, and both drivers and passengers earn CPT for their contributions in helping build the ecosystem. Drivers and passengers who help build the ecosystem will be rewarded with a piece of the ecosystem instead of a centralized company keeping all the profits.